Tres Chicas – The Universe is a Beautiful Place

Trading CFDs and/or follow url involves significant risk of capital loss. 1L2A9877I’ll remember April 24th 2015  for two reasons:  It was the 25th anniversary of the launching of the Hubble telescope and Six String Presents brought Tres Chicas to an intimate 185 seat theater in Cary, NC.   The Hubble is an amazing creation.  Launched with the goal of  peering deep into time, hoping to unlock the secrets of the Big Bang.  Important stuff in the quest for knowledge.  But to quote Bernie Taupin, “all this science, I don’t  understand.”    For me the most important thing the Hubble has revealed is that our piece of the universe is a beautiful place.  You’ve seen the images.  Spectacular!  Even as we pound down into the minutia of existence, discovering muons and Higgs Boson  particles, the Hubble lets us step back and see the bigger, more beautiful picture.  What better way to celebrate its birthday than a performance by Tres Chicas!


Seroquel uk Tres Chicas.  Those two words sum it all up.  If you know me, you know that I think there’s nothing more beautiful than the female voice and there’s no better voice than Tres Chicas.  Tonya Lamm, Caitlin Cary and Lynn Blakey treated a full house to a rare and precious show.  They opened with “Shade Trees In Bloom”  from their Red, Bloom and The Ordinary Girl album and finished the set with “Sweetwater” from their debut cd.  Their 17 song set was aural nectar filled with captivating harmonies as they covered songs form both their albums and more.  Backed by Jesse Huebner and FJ Venture they played Chicas classics “In A While,” “Drop Me Down” and the aforementioned “Sweetwater” (my favorite) as well as a few new (to me) tunes, notably “Lloyd’s Mom.”  Praise the Lord!   For the final encore they invited opening band Mary Johnson Rockers and The Spark onstage for an amazing version of Fairport Convention’s “Sloth.”  Perfect!

follow Maybe someday across the far arc of  existence an alien scanning his piece of the cosmos  will pick up a few refrains from Friday’s show and think “Man, the universe is a beautiful place.”   Thanks Chicas, for adding to the beauty!

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go here Tres Chicas.  They sing as one. They’re my superlative.

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