The Doug Prescott Band “Brings da Groove!” IMG_0758The Doug Prescott Band kicks off their latest album “Karma and the Big Caboose” asking “Did You Bring Da Groove?”  Don’t worry if you didn’t, Prescott’s got a train load of it and he’s bringin’ it on down the line!  The 10 track excursion leaves the depot with a full head of steam and doesn’t spare the coal until it reaches the terminal with a strong cover of “Sailin’ Shoes.”

click here Along the route are stops which highlight Prescott’s versatility as a songwriter.  “Coffee Shop Girl,” is about a girl he sees every morning. In true Walter Mitty fashion, he has a recurring daydream about her being a Russian spy.  A fun, well written song for sure.   “Invisible Man” is a Dad’s lament about being his teenagers’ “un-cool” father and “Black Bone Snake,” has a cool, jazzy, bebop groove.  There’s even a country song (“A Month In Texas”) about how time drags when he’s alone and on the road.  Tying it all together is an underlying groove reminiscent of Little Feat and Rare Earth.  To me, it all comes together on “The Hard Line.”  Prescott’s growling vocals, a kick-ass horn section and some great backing vocals make this the jewel of the album.  Add in some screaming guitar work by Tommy Hartley and Willie Painter and you’ve got a crank it up – roll the windows down – damn the speed limit rocker!
Timeless!! top option broker n 1 Karma & The Big Caboose is a well written, well played and well engineered album.  It has a lot of good hooks, some fantastic piano rolls, great horns and I love me those deep gutteral vocals.  As good as it is, I get the feeling this band really comes to life on stage.  I can’t help thinking that when The Doug Prescott Band rolls into the station there’s a full house and a packed dance floor close by.  I’m just gong to have to book a ride and find out.  Hope to see you there! Dave Brainard, Grassicana

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follow Miscellaneous Musings:  “The Hard Line” is worth the price of the album
“Coffee Shop Girl” would make a good video
“Thinkin For Yourself” reminds me of Maria Muldaur (and that’s a compliment)
Coolest cover art of the year!  Props to Ray Troll

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